6 Whys And Ways to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

6 Whys And Ways to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

6 Whys And Ways to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone



The comfort zone. How we love it and how we protect it. It’s a habit, for sure. It is human nature to be here. It is hard to take risks. You have to fight to escape. And you can for this problem is purely psychological. It is not a physical barrier. Learn to train your brain and you will see huge results. If you don’t, it will cost you months or years where you are not as productive as you know you can be and you will find it hard to get that new job, take those classes or get in shape (finally). You can achieve greater things by saying goodbye to this productivity drain.


Here are the 6 ways.

Set a goal. A goal is an end point. In order to get here you have to have a map. Decide what you want and then list the steps necessary to get here. You will stay in a rut if you don’t know what you want to strive for and how to achieve it.

Limit tv. Experts agree that limiting tv viewing gives you more time and motivation to do other, productive things. Unplug and you may find you actually charge your brain.

Take a class. Self improvement is a major key to changing yourself. Cram as       much new information into yourself as you can.

Try new things. Let go of the idea that you have to be perfect. You are already very good at being perfect where you are now. Remember, you are moving toward a new you. This means letting go of where you are now.

Be with successful people. Run with the big dogs. Don’t be afraid. Success breeds success. Scared? So were other leaders at one point.

Hang with others outside your industry. It’s certain that you will learn new things when you are around others that don’t work in your field. Don’t ever think that you can’t learn a new skill and get that dream job.

These six ways to get out of your comfort zone may sound simplistic but are highly valuable as a start to getting you on a new path. A path that can lead to success, no matter if you are looking for a dream job or just major self improvement in other areas. Get motivated and keep your eye on the prize!

The risks are great in getting out of the comfort zone. But you can benefit not only yourself but others when they see you succeeding in your goals.

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