5 Uncommon Facts About Blue Ridge Georgia


A gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Blue Ridge is part of the Appalachian Mountains and takes it’s name from the blue color you can see from a distance. There are many things to do and experience in Blue Ridge. You can spend a long weekend or week and still not get to everything. Blue Ridge is a fantastic tourist destination.Blue Ridge Georgia Here are some cool things to know about Blue Ridge: 1) Blue Ridge was founded in 1886 along the route the first railroad took through the area. The railroad is still there! You can even take the train along a scenic route. The railroad is located in the northern mountainous regions of Georgia and operates over 13 miles (a 26-mile round trip) of a former Louisville & Nashville branch line (built by the Marietta & North Georgia Railroad), once part of the railroad's famous "Hook & Eye" route. The line has become quite a popular tourist destination in general since 1998.  Much of the railroad’s success is thanks to its breathtaking scenery afforded though the Blue Ridge Mountains, located in the northern regions of Georgia. Read More

So much to see and do here in Fannin County!

2) The Swan Drive In was built in 1955 and almost did not happen. A drive in requires a large piece of property and this proved challenging. The first property needed a tall fence around it to keep the neighbors from seeing the car lights. The second property was a better fit but required extensive grading and other improvements. The owners almost gave up again but they persevered and thus the historic Swan Drive In was born. It was named Swan because the owner, while in England during World War Two, admired the swans swimming in the ponds there. 3) The TVA Dam in Blue Ridge is just one of an extensive system of TVA dams. The scenery around this dam is just awesome. Blue Ridge Dam is located 51 miles upstream from the mouth of the Toccoa/Ocoee River, near the point where the states of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina meet. The Toccoa River winds its way northwestward from the dam, crossing into Tennessee (where it becomes the Ocoee River) roughly 10 miles (16 km) downstream en route to the Ocoee dams on the lower part of the river. Blue Ridge Dam is 23 miles (37 km) upstream from Ocoee Dam No. 3. The Chattahoochee National Forest surrounds Blue Ridge Dam and its reservoir, and the city of Blue Ridge is located a few miles west of the dam. U.S. Route 76 crosses a bridge just downstream from Blue Ridge Dam.   

Trip Advisor Top Things to do in Blairsville

Certificate of ExcellenceTrip Advisor is a trusted name when it comes to travel. They know their stuff. We came across a list over on Trip Advisor highlighting the Top Things to do in Blairsville. Mostly we agree…but lets face it…we also have our biases and preferences. Great food here in Blairsville as well as endless things to do!

Enjoy the article…click here

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We have earned the coveted Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor every year since the inception.

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Need a Cheap Horse?

Need a Cheap Horse?

Curtis Teague A Step Above StablesOk,ok,ok…I keep seeing these posts looking for good, broke, colorful, beginner, kid safe,bombproof, CHEAP or FREE horses. At the same time we get calls every week from folks that don’t understand why good ole Poncho threw cute little Susie off, or worse. If the worse is a broken arm, did you really save anything?

I know there are exceptions, but most cheap horses aren’t good and most good horses aren’t cheap.

This post will probably upset some folks, but I hope not. First think of the free horse, if the looker can’t spend anything, can they actually afford to take care of the horse. Then think of the bigger, long term picture. If you get the kid hurt, scared and they quit, you might be breaking the very bond that keeps that kid from finding trouble in those teenage years. Your hurting the veterinarian, not only your current vet but maybe the dreams of the kid that wants to become a vet. Your hurting the person that works like a slave to put up hay, while you complain that the farmer turned the beautiful countryside into another subdivision. You’re also hurting your farrier and your local feed store in many ways…the list goes on and on.

I’m not saying you have to spend a fortune, but at least pick up the phone and discuss at length the proper horse for your needs. You wouldn’t put all your faith in a cheap car, so why put it all in a cheap or free horse. At least the car has it’s own brakes (you hope) and go button.

This next part hits close to my heart, when your kid shows, are you as a loving parent providing them with the best horse you could find or the cheapest horse you could find??? Speaking from personal experience, when that kid lights up when their name is called first, you’ll realize it was worth more than any amount you spent.

Please don’t get too upset at this. Any and all feedback will be welcomed. On the upside,I may have found the best kids broke horse in the world.

Curtis Teague
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Union County Courthouse

Hello From the Stables!

Hello from the stables!

Thanksgiving has always been a special time of the year here in the mountains…with loved ones and friends coming from far and wide. One of our favorite holidays!

When you come up to Blairsville you will be greeted by our little town and its southern charm. We have the beautiful mountains as our backdrop…which you will be able to enjoy when you come ride with us. After your guided trail ride, you can go into town and shop with the many mom and pop stores and look for those many special finds. We are sure you will enjoy!

Road Trip

After the shopping is done why not check out some of our local restaurants for a home cooked meal experience? Some of the best eating in North Georgia can be found right here in Union County.

Get yourself in gear and head on up here for your mini vacation in the mountains. Get it started with us, here at A Step Above Stables.



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What to do in Blairsville

Georgia On My MindThe Chattahoochee National Forest boasts scenic attractions such as Helton Creek Falls, Trackrock Archaeological Area (site of ancient Indian petroglyphs), and Brasstown Bald – Georgia’ s highest peak. The Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway and the Southern Highroads Trail offer outstanding scenery. Nearby Vogel State Park with its Civilian Conservation Corps Museum is a longtime favorite for camping or a cozy cabin retreat.

This is a fantastic article and information site from exploregeorgia.org. They have information about all areas of our great state. Read the entire article and check out the resources here

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6 Whys And Ways to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

6 Whys And Ways to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

6 Whys And Ways to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone



The comfort zone. How we love it and how we protect it. It’s a habit, for sure. It is human nature to be here. It is hard to take risks. You have to fight to escape. And you can for this problem is purely psychological. It is not a physical barrier. Learn to train your brain and you will see huge results. If you don’t, it will cost you months or years where you are not as productive as you know you can be and you will find it hard to get that new job, take those classes or get in shape (finally). You can achieve greater things by saying goodbye to this productivity drain.


Here are the 6 ways.

Set a goal. A goal is an end point. In order to get here you have to have a map. Decide what you want and then list the steps necessary to get here. You will stay in a rut if you don’t know what you want to strive for and how to achieve it.

Limit tv. Experts agree that limiting tv viewing gives you more time and motivation to do other, productive things. Unplug and you may find you actually charge your brain.

Take a class. Self improvement is a major key to changing yourself. Cram as       much new information into yourself as you can.

Try new things. Let go of the idea that you have to be perfect. You are already very good at being perfect where you are now. Remember, you are moving toward a new you. This means letting go of where you are now.

Be with successful people. Run with the big dogs. Don’t be afraid. Success breeds success. Scared? So were other leaders at one point.

Hang with others outside your industry. It’s certain that you will learn new things when you are around others that don’t work in your field. Don’t ever think that you can’t learn a new skill and get that dream job.

These six ways to get out of your comfort zone may sound simplistic but are highly valuable as a start to getting you on a new path. A path that can lead to success, no matter if you are looking for a dream job or just major self improvement in other areas. Get motivated and keep your eye on the prize!

The risks are great in getting out of the comfort zone. But you can benefit not only yourself but others when they see you succeeding in your goals.

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