5 Great Mountain Roads Leading out of Gainesville GA

Below is a guest blog post by our own media guy – Dennis Lynn.  He is a co-host for Taking Care of Business radio show and he probably knows every road up here in the mountains and he and his wife Terri are always doing road trips.

So it you can make it to Gainesville GA – this blog post really points you in the right directions of points in our beautiful mountains.



5 Mountain Roads Leading out of Gainesville

Gainesville is one of the jumping off points if you are visiting the north Georgia mountains.  This is especially true if you are coming from the Atlanta area or south of the city.

Gainesville is located in Hall County just off I-985 and is not only conveniently located and the spoke of the wheel for the north Georgia mountains – but there is also a little lake that borders the city.  You may have heard of it.  Lake Lanier.  Lots to do in Gainesville – great food, awesome events year-round, entertainment, cabins, and of course – golf!  Gainesville is also a business hub for northeast Georgia.

So starting here in Gainesville there are some fabulous routes out of the city that lead to different parts of the north Georgia Mountains.

There are some excellent links in this blog post – make sure to visit them all – great information!  Most of these are external links – you leave our site but they open in a new tab on your browser.  Well worth checking them out.

Here we go:

Hwy 369 South.  Taking this short route will take you towards Cumming, over in Forsyth CountyHwy 369 crosses Lake Lanier 3 times and takes you to Georgia 400 just north of Cumming.  This route would be great if you were hanging out around the Lake or you could take a right on GA 400 and head north towards Dahlonega.  Very short excursion.  See this route on Google Maps

Fall in the Georgia Mountains - Just north of Gainesville

Hwy 53 North.  Great road.  Here we head towards GA 400 – once again – but we cross a good ways north of where Hwy 369 crosses.  Continuing on Hwy 53 takes you right into the middle of Dawsonville.  We all know Dawsonville as the home of NASCAR Hall of Fame superstar Bill Elliott (and now his son, Chase Elliott).  From here you can head over to Amicalola Falls State Park or take Hwy 9 North up to Dahlonega.  See this route on Google Maps

Hwy 60 West.  Out of Gainesville, crossing Lake Lanier, thru the town of Murrayville, crossing GA 400, this is the most direct shot to the famous little town of Dahlonega.  We have to include this as one of our favorite Saturday road trips.  You can spend some time in Gainesville and then head over to Dahlonega.  Great trip.  See this route on Google Maps

Hwy 129 North.  Here we go – up into the mountains!  Hwy 129 is a little longer route, both in mileage and in time.  Leaving Gainesville you cross over the lake, travel thru Clermont, and into the great little town of Cleveland.  There may be a little construction as you come into the town these days – they are building a much needed bypass – but don’t let that discourage you – this is a GREAT mountain road!  Once you go around the square – one of our favorite town squares – you continue north to Turners Corner and on over Blood Mountain.  Be very careful – hikers, bikes, and motorcycles frequent this area – drive carefully.  Once you are over the mountain you see Sunrise Grocery on your left, pass Jim’s Smokin’ Que on the right, and head into the mountain town of Blairsville!  Lots to do up in Union County – it’s the heart of the Georgia mountains. If you enjoy horseback riding you have to check out A Step Above Stables. A right on Hwy 515 takes you east towards Young Harris, Hiawassee, and Clayton.  A left takes you west towards the town of Blue Ridge.  This IS the north Georgia mountains!  See this route on Google Maps

Hwy 365 North.  Our final road is the most traveled road.  I-985 turns into Hwy 365 north of Gainesville and takes you directly into Clayton, Mountain City, and Dillard.  Before you get that far north there are jumping off points to Toccoa, Helen, and other neat little towns in the mountains.  This is the road you would take if you were headed to Highlands NC, Cherokee NC, or Gatlinburg TN.  This is a great dropping off point for Helen – just take Hwy 105 north and it’s a nice drive up to Helen.  Up the road on Hwy 365 you don’t want to miss Tallulah Gorge.

So…here are the 5 awesome roads out of Gainesville that will take you to the beautiful north Georgia mountains.  I plan to write a detailed blog post about each of these roads very soon.

In the meantime – tell us what YOUR favorite road trip is – here in the gorgeous Northeast Georgia Mountains.

Dennis Lynn
The SBP Group

5 Things to do in Blue Ridge Georgia

Beautiful Blue Ridge, GA lives just about 30 miles from the stables to the west. While we absolutely love Blairsville and Union County, you just can’t dismiss Blue Ridge, Morganton, and Fannin County when you talk about the north Georgia mountains.

Fancy Dancer

Here are 5 things you really should do if you visit Blue Ridge:

  1. Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. The entire town of Blue Ridge is built around this tourist magnet. It’s a tourist attraction because – well – it’s way cool. It is definitely worth the time and money to experience this awesome train ride. Click the link provided and check it out.
  2. Mercier Orchards. This is a family owned apple orchard that is in it’s 4th generation. Simply put – you cannot come to Blue Ridge without visiting Mercier Orchards. They have a very informative website – so click the link provided and check it out. Fabulous.
  3. Long Creek Falls. Ok hikers…this is for you. As a matter of fact – you don’t even have to be a “hiker” to enjoy Long Creek! The easy 2 mile round-trip trail is spectacular. Do not miss this. Bring your camera and have a blast.Blue Ridge GA
  4. Toccoa River Swinging Bridge. This is another popular area for you outdoor enthusiasts. This 270 foot long bridge is the longest swinging bridge east of the Mississippi River. How cool is that? Visit the website using the link above – you gotta check this place out.
  5. A Step Above Stables. Horseback trail riding in the mountains. You can’t beat it. A Step Above Stables is located just east of Blue Ridge near Blairsville and is well worth the short drive. They are open 364 days a year! Best horseback riding in north Georgia. Shameless plug.

So there you go. 5 things to do in Blue Ridge. There is so much more to do – we could probably do 100 things to do in Blue Ridge! Let us know what you like about Blue Ridge and Fannin County.

A Step Above Stables
696 Mauney Circle
Blairsville, GA 30512
(706) 745-9051

Fancy Dancer – Sorrel Haflinger Mare

Fancy DancerThis amazing, confidence building, best of the best,beautiful gal is Fancy Dancer, and yes that is an eight year old boy with a bullwhip!!!! She is one of the greats!!!!

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5 Great Reasons to Dine in Blairsville

5 Great Reasons to Dine in Blairsville

Blairsville has the food. Whether you want a cheap, greasy burger, some good pizza, or a beautiful fine dining experience – there are about 70 reasons to dine in Blairsville. Here are 5 of those reasons:

Michaelee's Italian Life CaffeMichaelee’s Italian Life Caffe is a full service boutique restaurant with a creative menu, accented with our fine Italian olive oils, balsamic vinegars and ingredients that will surprise and delight you.  We import pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vinegars, olive oils and sea salt because they are indispensable to create a great Italian meal.  The  restaurant was opened in 2006 in Hiawassee Georgia as Michaelee’s Chocolate Caffe by Michael Collins, graduate of the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park NY and his wife Lisa Collins.  We moved our restaurant in January 2015 to the lovely downtown square in Blairsville Georgia. Michael and Lisa travel to Italy in an effort to emulate the Italian life experience. FaceBook pageWebsite

Jim's Smokin' QueJim’s Smokin’ Cue Barbecue is famous throughout the southeast and even across the country. People keep coming and coming back. Jim’s is located just south of Blairsville on Hwy 129 and is open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get there early. Prepare to wait. It’s worth it. Visit their FaceBook page here and the website here.

Mike’s Seafood. Yea. You heard right. SEAfood. In the mountains. Mike’s has some of the freshest and best seafood we’ve ever had. Mike's Seafood Market & GrillWe would put the fried shrimp up against just about any coastal restaurant in Florida. Steak? Fantastic steaks too! Mike’s is located just north of town on Murphy Hwy. As with Jim’s – there could be a wait – especially on the weekend. Worth every minute.

Dan’s Cuban Restaurant of course has Cuban Cuisine but the menu also has a little something for everyone. From great steaks to authentic caribbean food, Dan’s Grill is sure to delight your palette. With some of the best Dan's Cuban Grillreviews online – again – we have another regionally and nationally recognized restaurant here in Blairsville. Check out their FaceBook page here.

Steve’s Steakhouse (aka The Cookie Jar) is a Blairsville classic. Located high up on the hill overlooking town Steve’s give you the best of both world’s — buffet or menu. If you opt for the menu you can grab a fantastic burger, a Steves Steakhousesandwich, seafood, or dive into a juicy steak. If you make you way up to the buffet – you can always count on some great good – meats, veggies, salad bar, and of course, dessert. FaceBook

This list doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg. Blairsville and the surrounding area is loaded with lots of places to see, things to do, places to stay, and places to eat. So it doesn’t matter what you are in the mood for or how much money you have in your pocket – we’ve got you covered.


A Step Above Stables
Blairsville GA