Need a Cheap Horse?

Need a Cheap Horse?

Curtis Teague A Step Above StablesOk,ok,ok…I keep seeing these posts looking for good, broke, colorful, beginner, kid safe,bombproof, CHEAP or FREE horses. At the same time we get calls every week from folks that don’t understand why good ole Poncho threw cute little Susie off, or worse. If the worse is a broken arm, did you really save anything?

I know there are exceptions, but most cheap horses aren’t good and most good horses aren’t cheap.

This post will probably upset some folks, but I hope not. First think of the free horse, if the looker can’t spend anything, can they actually afford to take care of the horse. Then think of the bigger, long term picture. If you get the kid hurt, scared and they quit, you might be breaking the very bond that keeps that kid from finding trouble in those teenage years. Your hurting the veterinarian, not only your current vet but maybe the dreams of the kid that wants to become a vet. Your hurting the person that works like a slave to put up hay, while you complain that the farmer turned the beautiful countryside into another subdivision. You’re also hurting your farrier and your local feed store in many ways…the list goes on and on.

I’m not saying you have to spend a fortune, but at least pick up the phone and discuss at length the proper horse for your needs. You wouldn’t put all your faith in a cheap car, so why put it all in a cheap or free horse. At least the car has it’s own brakes (you hope) and go button.

This next part hits close to my heart, when your kid shows, are you as a loving parent providing them with the best horse you could find or the cheapest horse you could find??? Speaking from personal experience, when that kid lights up when their name is called first, you’ll realize it was worth more than any amount you spent.

Please don’t get too upset at this. Any and all feedback will be welcomed. On the upside,I may have found the best kids broke horse in the world.

Curtis Teague
A Step Above Stables

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